CCS Environmental are one of London and the Souths leading professional pest control companies. We are able to call on over 10 years of experience in the industry providing customers throughout London and the south of England. With a friendly and reliable service, our prices are highly competitive and we guarantee results every time.

Our expert team are on hand to carry out a range of pest solutions, including eradication and prevention of all Flying and crawling treats and rodents, such as bees, bed bugs, moths, ants and cockroaches, rats, mice and Squirrels (Experts in proofing). Because laying poison is only half the battle.

CCS Environmental pest Control Services have vast experience in the pest control industry, and our team work 7 days a week 24h a day to carry out inspections of all premises, before offering deterrents and proofing solutions to any infestations discovered. Additionally we operate an emergency 24-hour call-out service in the event of an emergency, and all of the work we perform is accredited by the Royal Society of Health for a high quality standard of practice.

When CCS Environmental are called in to solve a rodent problem, we always find evidence of an earlier attempt to solve the problem with traps and poisoned bait. Traps and bait never solve the problem in the long run. They may account for a few Rodents but these are inevitably replaced by newcomers. Proofing key points of entry into the property after we have laid bait to eliminate any rodents still left. It is the only approach which works and CCS Environmental have become experts in implementing this solution to rodent problems. The work is painstaking, but we conduct an exhaustive survey of the whole property (internally and externally), offering all the services we provide if recommended by our professional technician removing appliances when necessary. We then use a range of tested materials to close entry points of all sizes, leaving your property immune to rodent entry. With our 4 month guarantee, we other the best guarantee and service in the industry.  

For more information, or to request an inspection at your property, contact CCS environmental today and receive the professional and helpful advice to put that smile back on your face.

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